Systemcluster Avatar Christian Sdunek Software/Web/Game developer Does freelance software work. Writes games and open-source software as his pastime.

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Display Image Effects in the Scene View in Unity 4

Image effects are a great way to improve the visual quality of a game. But working on a scene that relies on them can be inconvenient, since they're only visible in the game view. A simple solution to avoid having to switch to the game view to see the final result is to replicate all image effects from the games main camera in the scene view camera. Read more...

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Elsa C++17/Lua Interface

C++ template header-only library for interfacing with Lua and LuaJIT. Work in progress.

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Influencer Relations Management Software for Le Buzz GmbH i.G.

For the inception of the Le Buzz brand I was contracted to develop a web-based influencer management application with the functionality to track growth and activity over a wide range of social media channels. This was realized by utilizing time-proven backend and frontend technologies as well as public APIs to quickly produce a fully-featured product, which is now used by dozens of brands and customers.

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